Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

On Therapy & Common Sense

We live in an age of experts. There are depression specialists, addiction professionals, borderline therapists and the ones who hold expert knowledge in the field of angst, fear, and anxiety (this one I made up but I'm sure such experts can be found).

I cannot imagine an alcoholic who does not suffer from anxiety, I cannot imagine a drug addict who does not suffer from depressive moods, I cannot imagine a borderline who does not suffer from addictive behaviours.

In other words, the distinctions we are making in matters of the soul do not make much sense. When it comes to helping the soul to heal, we need not listen to "experts", we need to do what our ancestors did: listen to the ones with more life experience, be open to the ones with common sense (that, by the way, isn't so common), pay attention to the ones without the tunnel views provided by programmes and principles (but take of course from programmes what helps, and subscribe to principles that are useful).

Hans Durrer, 2014

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