Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

12-step treatment in Jaipur

What do you work? a guy in my Jaipur hotel asks. I'm an addiction therapist, I say. A counsellor? Yes. Oh, I'm a drug addict, he says and adds: NA. I know what NA is all about, I'm a twelve-step therapist, I smile. I went to therapy to a treatment nearby, he continues. I still go there from time to time. To remind me that I do not want to spend time there again. Would you mind showing me the center? I inquire. Not at all, he says. And so I get to see my first Indian treatment center and have a talk with the people there, all of them former addicts and volunteers. I learn that only a small minority come into treatment out of free will , that most are brought here by their families. And what is your success rate? 20 percent, I'm told. If that is true - and I have no reason to not believe them (they are not in it for the money) - that is not only impressive but higher than the rate of treatment centers that insist their clients must be undergoing treatment voluntarily.

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